Tired of trying to come up with a workout plan based on limited equipment when you travel?

#TravelWithEase includes 28 total body workouts, all 20 minutes or less (+ 7 bonus finishers and nutrition guidance!), designed for effiency and effectiveness, with no fancy equipment or crazy time requirements.

  • Short, INTENSE sessions to boost your heart rate and give you a total body challenge
  • A variety of workouts to choose from, based on time and equipment availability 
  • Finishers for when you have extra time and want to add some extra burn to end your session
  • Nutrition guidance for when you're on the road to help you make the best choices to keep you on track
  • EASE of knowing exactly what to do with zero guesswork

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Hundreds of People are Already Doing #TravelWithEase

Hi! I'm Elizabeth Stacey-Ellis, creator of #TravelWithEase

I'm the founder of Fit With Ease, a movement that was created to empower, energize, educate, and elevate each member of my tribe with empathy and enthusiasm. 

I am a Certified Functional Strength and Conditioning coach (MBSC), Strong First Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor, TRX-1 certified, and a Zuckerberg Institute certified coach.

Over the last 7 years, I've worked with thousands of people of all ages and fitness levels. One of the most common struggles I've heard is around staying consistent while traveling:  

"I don't know what to do when I'm on the road."  

"My hotel gyms have limited equipment, and I feel like I can't get in a good workout."  

"I don't have time to workout while I'm traveling."  

"I feel tired at the end of the day, and the last thing I want to do is workout."  

I totally get it! One of the biggest road blocks to getting results is consistency and having a plan that works.  

So many people think that they need to get in an hour workout with the latest and greatest equipment for it to "count," and that's just not true.

In fact, the less time you have to workout, the more intense the workout will be because there's no time to waste! 

#TravelWithEase was created out of the need for effective but SHORT workouts that people can do in their hotel gyms with no fancy equipment.  

Gone are the days of spending pecious time trying to figure out what to do with mismatched hotel gym dumbbells. #TravelWithEase takes all the challenges of working out on the road and provides an EASE-y solution.  

What is included in #TravelWithEase?

28 Workouts, Plus 7 Additional Finishers

Video Tutorials For Each Workout

Nutrition Tips and Guidance 

#TravelWithEase contains 28 total body conditioning workouts, all 20 minutes or less (including 7 additional optional finishers), utilizing dumbbells and/or a piece of cardio equipment.

All workouts can be done in any gym or at home, no matter how little equipment is available.  

The goal of each workout is to move quickly to create a metabolic conditioning effect, so you can get a fast, effective workout.  

Every workout comes in a simple PDF format that you can either print and bring to the gym with you, or pull up on your mobile device. 

Each workout contains its own tutorial video, so there's no guesswork needed on how to perform an exercise. 

The videos will help make these workouts safe, and easy to follow.

#TravelWithEase is for all fitness levels, so each individual can make every workout their own, based on experience and comfort level. You can work as hard or as light as you need.  

The videos are easily accessible on any computer or mobile device so you'll be able to pull up each, individual exercise as needed. 

I know that it's not only fitness that is challenge when you're on the road. 

So many of my clients struggle to make healthy choices when they aren't in their own kitchens. That's why I've included my top #FuelWithEase nutrition tips and guidance. 

If you follow these guidelines while you travel, it will take the guesswork out and provide a structure help you to make the best decisions that will keep you on track. 

Whether you're grabbing something at the airport or sitting down at a restaurant, my #FuelWithEase guidlines have got you covered. 

Check out the feedback from those who have already tried #TravelWithEase:

"I loved that it was total body! And getting the hard sprints in for cardio felt great. Super easy to follow along and do, not a lot of equipment to keep up with was great!"

"I enjoyed the simplicity of the workout, but that it still felt challenging. I didn’t have to check back in to see what was coming next. I could just do the workout, power through, and feel strong AND like I was getting my heart rate up."

"It was easy to understand and accomplish. I didn't take up a lot of space. I LOVE that I can do it in a short amount of time but still break a sweat and feel like I accomplished something when life takes up way too much time."

"Thanks for making one of the workouts equipment-free! I loved being able to do it from home. It gives you no excuses, and you could easily complete this in a hotel room or something similar while traveling. The organization in which you set the exercises up in had a great flow, and I loved that you always include modifications to make it harder or easier."

"I ADORED this workout! I loved the explosiveness of how the workout felt, and that it was completely bodyweight only!"

"The brevity encouraged me to really push myself and choose heavier weights. No muscle group felt completely taxed because of the exercise choice/order. Loved it!"


"I enjoyed the clear instructions, layout, and the videos. Also the simplicity and effectiveness!"  


"I love the timeframe of these workouts! Much easier to commit to a work out that is quick, well explained, and one I can do from home. (This workout is all of these things!)"  


"I felt like this workout hit everything. It also gave me a boost of energy yet was very managable."  

Who is #TravelWithEase for:

#TravelWithEase is for those who don't have hours of time to spend in the gym. Whether you're traveling or need a quick workout on a day where you're time crunched, #TravelWithEase will get you in and out without long, complicated set ups. Gone are the days where you have to carve out huge chunks of time to get in an effective, results driven workout. The workouts are short, yet tough and effective, and will have you in and out in less than 20 minutes.  

#TravelWithEase is designed for those with limited access to equipment. From hotel gyms, to apartment gyms, to no gym, #TravelWithEase has got you covered. With 28 workouts to choose from, there's no trying to figure out what to do with mismatched dumbbells or only one or two pieces of equipment. The workouts range from bodyweight, to cardio, to dumbbells - even just one dumbbell, so there's an option for every situation.  

#TravelWithEase is for all fitness levels. Whether you're a novice or advanced, you can make each workouts as challening as your fitness level. There's no right or wrong way to do the workouts. You can choose weights as heavy or as light as you need and push as much or as little as you need. The workouts are designed to be challening but doable for all levels.  

If you're someone who is confused about fitness while you're on the road because you don't know what to do when you walk into the gym, #TravelWithEase is for you. 

If you've struggled in the past to stay consistent because of limited equipment or time, #TravelWithEase was created with these specific barriers in mind. 

If you let your nutrition go out the window when you travel because it's more convenient to grab quick snacks, my #FuelWithEase guide will help you make the best choices on the go. 

#TravelWithEase provides you with fitness and food guidance, all at your fingertips, so there's never any guessing when you're on the road or pressed for time again. 

Frequently Asked Questions about #TravelWithEase:

What equipment do I need? 

#TravelWithEase was designed to do with limited equipment. You will only need access to a dumbbell or two, a piece of cardio equipment, and your bodyweight. There is a lot of variety between the workouts, so you can choose the workout you're going to do based on the equipment you have available to you. 

What if I'm not traveling? Can I still do these workouts? 

Yes! Even though this is a program designed with those traveling in mind, you can do #TravelWithEase in ANY gym or space where you can move your body. You don't have to be traveling to still get in these fast, effective workouts. 

What format do the workouts come in? 

The workouts come in a PDF document, so you can print them and take them with you, or pull them up on your mobile device. Each exercise has a clickable link, so you don't have to guess what the movement patten is and can follow along as you go. 

Will these workouts be intense enough if they are only 20 minutes? 

Yes! A lot of times, the less time you have, the MORE intense workouts are because there's no time to waste. Each workout has a time element that will keep you moving and challenging yourself, maybe even more than if you had an hour to spend in the gym. 

Do I have to do these workouts in order? 

No. #TravelWithEase is designed for you to choose from a variety of workouts, based on the equipment you have access to. There are workouts designed for when you have access to dumbbells. There are some that are cardio only. There are some that are bodyweight only. It's set up to allow you to make the easiest choice based on your equipment availability. 

Is there any coaching that goes along with this program? 

No. #TravelWithEase is a DIY program that you can do at any time. There are tutorial videos available for every exercise. If you enjoy #TravelWithEase and want to do one-on-one coaching with me, you can apply HERE.

What is the refund policy? 

Since this is a downloadable DIY product, there are no refunds available for #TravelWithEase. 

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